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West of Here Music Video: Run

As you may know, the three brothers in West of Here are my cousins. This has been able to give me great experience, as well as a great time! A lot of people came together to make this video happen, and for that I am truly thankful. Some Fun Facts About This Video We borrowed my grandpa’s suburban, and loaded it full of guitars, drums, and changes of clothes, and drove 12 hours to BC, where Power to Change was going to film for us. We decided to stay a few extra days to spend time with some family friends who lived in BC. Eric Fawcett figured that he was going to commit to the whole “vegetarian Seventh Day Adventist” diet while on the trip. He tried a variety of classic dishes such as “Big Franks” (Hot dogs), “Grillers” (Hamburgers), and “Stripples” (bacon).  He felt that the “stripples” were absolutely no substitute to bacon, the “grillers” were flavourless, and the “Big Franks” were VILE. We finished off our trip with a night of beach volleyball with …

West of Here Introduction

I’m very fortunate and blessed to be able to have some relatives who are just starting up their own band! Not only do I get to promote them, but I also get to practice my interview skills! You can check them out at Their music video is coming soon! Some Behind the Scenes My aunt and I wrote up some embarrassing questions – such as “what do you do about the screaming female fans” and “which one of you is the most attractive”, put them in front of the camera, and forced them to answer. We interviewed them all individually, so that we could get a bit more variety out of the answers. After we had warmed them up with the funny questions, we hit them with some of the more difficult, personal questions. This worked quite well as they had just gotten comfortable, and okay with being embarrassed on camera.